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6 Months Certificate in Website Design

regular on-campus course in hindi

6 Months Certificate in Website Design

Course Highlights
1. Duration: 6 Months (Maximum)
2. Mode: Regular On-Campus Classes
3. Language: Hindi
4. Level: Novice to Intermediate 
5. Eligibility: Minimum 10 + 2 Grade
6. Assessment: Periodic Exams
7. Exclusive Mentorship: Guidance from NIFT Trained Mentor and Experienced Faculties
8. Practical Emphasis: Focus on hands-on experience with an industry-driven approach
9. Accessible Lectures: Easy-to-follow lectures
10. Personalized Support: 1-to-1 Prompt Doubt Resolution 
11. Comprehensive Resources: Downloadable Resources, E-books provided (English Only)
12. Job Placement Support: 100% Job Assistance
13. Course Start Date: Flexible Enrollment
14. Award: Certificate of Completion

What you’ll learn
Embark on a 6-month journey with our Certificate Course in Website Design and unlock your creative prowess. This program is your gateway to mastering Shopify E-Commerce Website Designing, WordPress Website Designing, HTML No Coding Website Design, and Search Engine Optimization.

1: Shopify E-Commerce Website Designing: Immerse yourself in the world of online retail as you learn to design captivating and functional e-commerce platforms using Shopify. From product displays to seamless transactions, discover the art of creating a compelling online shopping experience.

2: WordPress Website Designing: Unleash your creativity with WordPress, the canvas for your digital masterpieces. Dive into website architecture, design principles, and customization, and craft visually stunning websites that leave a lasting impression.

3: HTML No Coding Website Design: Break free from coding constraints and explore the limitless possibilities of website design using HTML. Learn to shape your online vision without the need for extensive coding knowledge, focusing on structure, style, and layout.

4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Navigate the digital landscape by understanding the essentials of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Elevate your designs with the power to not only captivate but also rank high on search engines, ensuring your creations reach a broader audience.

Hands-On Projects and Real-World Application: Bring your learning to life through hands-on projects. From crafting Shopify e-commerce gems to architecting WordPress wonders and HTML-based, no-coding marvels, each project is a canvas for your imagination. Implement SEO strategies to make your designs not just visually appealing but also discoverable.

Forge Your Unique Path: Enrolling in our Certificate Course in Website Design isn’t just about gaining skills; it’s about carving your unique path in the digital landscape. Join us on this exciting journey, where creativity knows no bounds, and your designs become a testament to your individuality!

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