Summer Fashion Tips From A Student Of Online Fashion Design Course

I too wanted to look fashionable and dress in style but my fashion sense was very poor until I discovered an Online Fashion Design Course for me. I learnt a lot about colors, design concepts and styling and today I am a fashion freak. The best part is that I was able to grab the Online Fashion Design Course at 80% discounted fee. Thanks to my mentors that today I have developed a good fashion sense and no one laughs at me. I also own my own Fashion Brand. Here are my basic fabric tips for your summer wardrobe.

In the summer season, I like to wear short and light clothes. In summers the biggest problem is what kind of clothes should be and how to style them. That's why one has to take full care of what to wear and what not to wear in this season. So if you are also worried about wearing clothes in summer, then I will give you some simple styling tips which will make you look cool and stay cool.

Cotton is used in many of the above mentioned fabrics. Cotton not only keeps you cool in summers, but its light colors give energy. Cotton dresses are available in the markets in many options that you can wear.

Cotton Dress

Chiffon is one such fabric which is very much liked in summers. Sarees, suits, kurtas, dresses and shirts made from this fabric are very much liked by women. It is a very light fabric whose dress can be easily carried in summer.

Chiffon Dress

In summer, the most important thing is to avoid heat, so the dress should also be of such a fabric in which it can be protected. Linen is the best choice for this because one, it is very light and secondly it does not cause heat rash in any condition. The special thing is that by carrying linen, your skin is constantly exposed to air, due to which the body does not sweat. Shirts, suits, kurtas and saris are preferred in this fabric.


Rayon is a fabric that is a mixture of cotton, silk, linen and wool fabrics and is used as silk. However, it is much cheaper than silk. Women like rayon made dresses like Kurti, shirts very much.

Rayon Dress

Khadi wearers are few and women rarely use this fabric. But it is really the best fabric for summer. Women can wear everything from kurtas to khadi sarees in summers.
Khadi Dress

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