3 Months Master Certificate in Graphic Design (6903260938445)

3 Months Master Certificate in Graphic Design

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Online Live Course in Hindi
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This short term course will teach you how to use how to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign & graphic design by doing actual, practical, real world graphic design projects. Once you complete this course you will have 40+ different graphic designs for your portfolio.  

Duration: Maximum duration to complete the course is 3 Months
Mode: Live Classes 
Language: Hindi
Level: Novice to Advanced Beginner 
Eligibility: Anyone who has interest and enthusiasm for designing can join the course

Assessment: Home based assessment 
Course Start Date: Enroll at any time & choose your start date.


  • NIFT Trained Mentor
  • Experienced Faculties
  • 100% Job Assistance
  • 100% Stress on Practicals
  • Industry Driven Quality
  • 1:1 Live Sessions in Hindi with Experts
  • Easy-to-follow lectures
  • Access on Mobile, Laptop & Desktop
  • Timely Doubt Resolution
  • Downloadable Resources 
  • Recorded Sessions for Re-view. Watch it at a later suitable time for you.
  • E-books provided
  • Certificate of Completion 


1. How to become a Graphic Designer
2. Graphic Design Theory
3. Adobe Photoshop - The Very Basics
4. Creating Mood Boards
5. Brightness
6. How to Edit with Levels
7. How to Edit with Curves
8. How to Adjust Colors
9. Fix Color Casts
10. Convert to B&W
11. Creative Edits with the Photo Filter
12. Cinematic Effect
13. Master Layer Masks
14. Create Basic Shapes
15 Create Custom Shapes
16. Text 
17. Text on a Path
18. Wrap Paragraph Text
19. Text in a Shape
20. Align
21. Align Headlines for a Flyer
22. Blending Mode Color Accent
23. Remove Background
24. Old School Blending Mode
25. Change Color of and Outfit
26. Master Layer Styles
27. Create a Magazine Cover
28. Typography Design 101
29. Monitor Mockup
30. Discover Liquify
31. T-shirt Mockup
32. Discover the Filter Gallery
33. Create a Lens Flare
34. Motion Blur Effect
35. Crop
36. Extended Crop
37. Discover Select Subject
38. Remove Objects
39. Mountains Text Effect
40. Stretch Effect
41. Instagram Effect
42. Anaglyph Effect
43. 1970 Vintage Effect
44. Tilt Shift Effect
45. Water Color Effect
46. Retro Auto AD
47. Create Your Logo
48. Create Your Business Card
49. Adobe Illustrator - The Very Basic Exercises
50 Introduction to Adobe InDesign
51. Build Your Portfolio


  • Anyone interested in graphic design who wants to learn from scratch in order to compose their own graphic design pieces.
  • If you’re looking to add value to your skill set and resume.
  • If you want to start your career as a graphic designer.