1 Year Diploma in Fashion Design

1 Year Diploma in Fashion Design

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Online Course in English
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This course has been designed to cover basic to intermediate level design skills required to enter in the field of fashion design

Duration: 1 Year (Maximum duration to complete the course is 18 Months)
Mode: Online & at your own Pace
Language: English
Level: Novice to Advanced Beginner
Eligibility: Anyone who has interest and enthusiasm for designing can join the course
Assessment: Home based assessment 
Course Start Date: Enroll at any time & choose your start date.


  • Professionally produced pre-recorded English video lessons in association with our Global Associates
  • Enjoy learning from home without a set schedule
  • 100% Stress on Practicals
  • Industry Driven Quality
  • Easy-to-follow lectures
  • Access on Mobile, Laptop & Desktop
  • 1 - to - 1 Online Support through WhatsApp 
  • Downloadable Resources 
  • E-books provided
  • Diploma of Completion 


1. Fashion Design Fundamentals 
- Brief History of Color Theory
- Two Systems of Color
- Three Factors that Allow Us to See
- Elements of Color 
- Color Relationships

2. Textiles for Fashion Design
- Intro to Fibers & Fabrics
- Intro to Knit Fabrics
- Textile Dyeing, Printing & Finishing
- Fabric Studies (Woven, Knitted & Specialty Fabrics)
- Intro to Hand Embroideries (15+ Stitches)
- Beading Needle Embroidery
- Traditional Textiles of India

3. Fashion Illustration
- Drawing Female Feet: Profile/Three-Quarter View
- Drawing Female Hands
- Drawing Female Head – Front, Profile, Three-Quarter
- Drawing Female Frontal Figure Template
- Drawing Female Poses
- Drawing Pleats
- Drawing Smocking
- Drawing Collars
- Drawing Ruffles
- Drawing Cowl
- Rendering Techniques (Velvet, Shine, Floral, Checks, Dots etc.)

4. Flat Pattern Design
- Introduction to Pattern Making
- How to Read a Ruler
- Measuring the Female Body
- Drafting a Straight Sleeve Sloper & Variations
- Drafting a Shoulder Dart Bodice Sloper from Measurements
- Drafting a Straight Skirt Sloper & Variations
- Convert Bodice to Fitted Torso Sloper
- Collars
- Dart Manipulation
- Dart Equivalents

5. Learn How to Sew
- Introduction to Threading the Brother
- Machine Practice Exercises
- Pressing Tools & Techniques
- Seams & Seam Finishes
- Zippers
- French Piping
- Single Fold Neck & Armhole Bias Binding
- Pockets
- Machine Made Button Holes
- Sewing Buttons
- Plackets, Collars, Sleeve, Cuff, Yoke

6. CAD - Fashion Art
- Introduction to Photoshop
- Rendering Techniques in Photoshop

  • Why Photoshop?
  • Scanning
  • Auto Align
  • Prep for Color
  • Filling Flat Color
  • Dodge Burn
  • Hue Saturation
  • Save Layout

7. Creating a Professional Fashion Portfolio

8. Fashion Startup


  • If you’re looking to gain comprehensive practical knowledge in fashion.
  • If you’re looking to add value to your skill set and resume.
  • If you want to be a fashion entrepreneur
  • Anyone and everyone who wants to make a mark in fashion.
  • If you want to get a job in Fashion Industry